Business Consulting Solutions

We provide an integrated solution from the creation of well-balanced strategies in terms of maximising corporate value, competitive superiority and feasibility, to the realisation of those strategies. Our professionals in each service area of business consulting, enterprise applications, and outsourcing, mutually coordinate their experience and specialities and work together as a team to provide high value-added services and contribute to enhancing the enterprise value of our clients.

Business Profiling

We study the business of your business and then utilise the acquired information to create a strategic marketing document in the form of a company profile. This document is a powerful tool in assisting your business with creating the best impression for potential stakeholders.

Business Plans

If you have ever sought out funding for your business, you know that a business plan is always a requirement. It is a way that potential stakeholders can get a clear understanding of your vision for your business and a way to assess their own interest in it. We create business plans with an objective to clearly define the viability of your business idea and the vision therein.

Marketing Plans

Marketing is our field of utmost expertise. Our principal consultants will assess the needs of your business's marketing department, and compile strategic plans to help it reach its goals. We then remain available at your disposal throughout the implementation process for optimal results.


We have created business relations with various institutions and we are an efficient facilitator in acquiring all necessary accreditations for your business with quick turnaround time.

Funding & Loans

We have a database of funding options which consists of investors and funding institutions. Our service is to bring together the seeker and the funder who share common interests.


We register your business on all relevant databases. This service also includes applications for tenders made on your behalf; we compile, submit, and follow up.